Friday, February 27, 2009


Test rides on the new Diamondback roller coaster at Kings Island are now underway. Diamondback is the tallest and fastest coaster at Kings Island. The ride stands 230 feet at its highest point with a first drop of 215 feet at a 74-degree angle. Diamondback has 10 vertical drops overall, including drops of 193, 131, 129, 110 and 106 feet; two helixes and a splashdown ending. Riders will snake their way around 5,282 feet of track in excess of 80 miles per hour. The $22 million steel coaster opens April 18.




Kings Island's Eiffel Tower a regal landmark

It stands as a majestic symbol; almost like the caretaker of Kings Island.

That description could only fit the Eiffel Tower, the massive 330-foot replica of the original Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Guarding the end of International Street, the 450-ton structure has certainly been the dominating landmark at Kings Island and in Warren County and was planned to fit that role.

The design and steel fabrication for the Eiffel Tower was done by Intamin AG of Zurich, Switzerland. Installation and equipment costs for the tower exceeded $1 million. The attraction was erected in just over 30 days by Southern Ohio Fabricators, Inc., after the steel arrived on property in the spring of 1971.

The Eiffel Tower is a one-third scale replica of the pride of Paris.

Twin high-speed elevators whisk 50 visitors each up to twin observation decks where guests are treated to a panorama view of the 364-acre amusement and water park and surrounding area. Ride capacity is 2,000 guests per hour.

More than 35 million guests have ridden to the top of the tower since it opened with the park in 1972.

Other tower facts include:

- Average elevator speed is 10 feet per second.
- Elevator riding time is 30 seconds.
- There are 15,000 bolts holding the structure firm.
- There are 410 steps that lead to the top of the tower.
- On a clear day you can see 18 miles from the top.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kings Island the perfect outing for groups of 15 or more

Kings Island, the largest amusement and water park in the Midwest, is the perfect outing for groups of 15 or more.

The 364-acre park features more than 80 world-class rides and attractions, including 15 thrill-inducing roller coasters, a 15-acre Australian-themed water park, an eight-time award-winning kids’ area, fun-filled musical productions, games of skill, an assortment of dining facilities, snack outlets and shops – there’s something for everyone.

Booking company outings has been shown to enhance overall morale and positive attitudes. A day at Kings Island encourages employee interaction and camaraderie, can strengthen teamwork, break down awkward barriers and renew trust, all of which leads to greater productivity. Call it a small investment well spent.

As long as you have a group of 15 or more, you’ll save. Visit Kings Island’s official website at to explore your group options or call (800) 288-0808 and start planning your fun event today!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Diamondback trains unique

The trains on the new Diamondback roller coaster feature unique, open-air stadium style seating that will allow riders to experience an unobstructed view of all the thrills and excitement on the best new roller coaster in the world for 2009.

Diamondback will have three trains consisting of eight vehicles each. The steel frame vehicles are four passenger with a panoramic view and front and rear offset. The lead vehicle on each train features a fiberglass pilot nose.

Hourly capacity is 1,620 riders.

Kings Island will be the first park in the United States with trains of this style on a roller coaster.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Track work on Beast

Carpenters work on re-tracking part of the Beast roller coaster Tuesday at Kings Island. The legendary coaster is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world at 7,400 feet and has given more than 42 million rides since it opened 30 years ago in 1979.

The Beast was "unchained" April 13, 1979 on Press Day. The first ride consisted of the following individuals at 10:30am.

-- Charles S. Mechem, Jr., Chairman of the Board, Taft Broadcasting
-- Dudley S. Taft, President, Taft Broadcasting
-- Gary S. Wachs, Executive VP, Amusement Park Group, Taft Broadcasting
-- Charles Flatt, VP Construction & Engineering
-- William C. Price, Vice President & General Manager
-- Frank Thompson, Operations Director
-- Walt Davis, Director of Park Services
-- Charles Dinn, Director of Construction, Maintenance & Engineering
-- Bill Reed, Director of Rides
-- David Palmer, Director of Marketing
-- Dick Fussner, Director of Loss Prevention
-- Chris Schaffer, Controller
-- Al Collins, Resident Engineer
-- Jeff Gramke, Assistant Engineer
-- Jimmie Nickell, Assistant Director of Construction, Maintenance & Engineer
-- Charles Swing, Maintenance Manager
-- Charles Wright, Carpenter Foreman

Media members then had the opportunity to ride the Beast from 10:35am until 3:00pm, with the order determined by random drawing.

Lunch was served from 12:00pm until 2:00pm in the Chicken Palace. The menu consisted of chicken or fish, cole slaw, soft drinks and beer.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Miniature Beast trains now available

Miniature Beast trains are now available! Designed and built by CoasterDynamix, the trains can be purchased for just $24.99 plus $6.25 for shipping and handling.

To order this great collector item call Kings Island’s Sales and Service Center at (800) 288-0808. Supplies are limited!

Celebrating 30 years of terror in 2009, The Beast is annually ranked among the top wooden roller coasters in the world by Amusement Today readers and listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the longest wooden roller coaster in the world at 7,400 feet.

Welcome to the official blog of Kings Island!

Welcome to the first entry of the Kings Island Insider, the official blog of Kings Island Amusement Park in Kings Island, Ohio. Be sure to subscribe to Kings Island Insider to get the latest news, notes and other fun facts that you can't get anywhere else!

Kings Island is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to Kings Island, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, six water parks, one indoor water park resort and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in Gilroy, Calif. under a management contract.

With more than 80 rides, shows and attractions, Kings Island offers something for everyone in the entire family. New for 2009 is Diamondback -- the tallest, fastest and meanest roller coaster to ever strike Kings Island! The ride stands 230 feet at its highest point with a first drop of 215 feet at a 74-degree angle. Riders will snake their way around 5,282 feet of track in excess of 80 miles per hour! The $22 million steel coaster opens April 18.