Sunday, May 10, 2009

Ride Warriors came out to play at Kings Island

Roller coaster enthusiasts from 25 states and Canada visited Kings Island this weekend to celebrate and enjoy roller coaster riding at its finest for the inaugural Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend event.

Ride Warriors enjoyed a combined total of 14.5 hours of exclusive ride time during the two-day event on Kings Island's most popular roller coasters, including the new Diamondback and the Beast.

Ride Warriors Coaster Weekend also included behind the scenes tours of the Beast, Racer and Son of Beast, a 30th birthday party for the Beast and prize giveaways.

Several coaster clubs and enthusiast organizations were represented including the American Coaster Enthusiasts, Great Ohio Coaster Club, Coaster Zombies, Coaster Community, Western New York Coaster Club, Florida Coaster Club, and