Friday, August 28, 2009

Second annual Kings Island Employee Reunion September 5-6

Kings Island wants all of its past employees back at the park. They won’t have to check lap bars on the Racer or Beast, serve blue ice cream, sell cotton candy, operate a game, sweep, clean, park cars, sing or dance.

On Labor Day weekend, Saturday, September 5 and Sunday, September 6, Kings Island will host its second annual employee reunion, a two-day event for all of its past employees who worked seasonally or full-time at the 364-acre amusement park. Families of past employees are also invited to attend.

Kings Island has employed more than 150,000 associates since the park opened in 1972. Many of the park’s employees developed friendships with their co-workers that have extended beyond their seasons at the park. Some met their future spouse while working at Kings Island. Others went on to become Miss America (Susan Perkins, 1978), Miss Ohio (Susan Kay Johnson, 1987) or currently enjoy a career as an actor or actress in movies and television shows such as Lisa Akey, Carmen Electra and Gigi Rice.

Special activities for reunion participants include early ride times on Diamondback and Beast roller coasters, a Kings Island scavenger hunt to win prizes, a group photo, behind the scenes tour of the Beast, evening reception in the International Restaurant, and much more!

To attend Kings Island’s employee reunion, past employees must purchase their tickets online at Tickets are $22.99 for past employees and family members.

Former employees who are Kings Island season pass holders will be able to attend the event for free but are asked to register online at